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Eastern PA
Centre Square, West Tower
1500 Market Street, Suite 4100
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Tel: 215.735.7200
Fax: 215.735.1714

Western PA
625 Liberty Avenue
Suite 390 
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 
Tel: 412.928.0502 
Fax: 412.928.0506

New Jersey 
2070 Springdale Road
Suite 400
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 
Tel: 856.616.0700
Fax: 856.616.0776

New York City 
39 Broadway
Suite 950
New York, NY 10006
Tel: 212.968.8300
Fax: 212.968.9840

Long Island 
17 West John Street
Suite 200
Hicksville, NY 11801
Tel: 516.939.9200
Fax: 516.939.9201

919 North Market Street 
Suite 200 
Wilmington, DE 19801 
Tel: 302.655.2181
Fax: 302.655.2182

Southern Florida
1000 N.W. 57th Court
Suite 300
Miami, FL 33126 
Tel: 305.774.9966
Fax: 305.774.7743

Central Florida 
6921 Pistol Range Road
Suite 101
Tampa, FL 33614
Tel: 813.885.5220
Fax: 813.885.5222

Northern Florida
6100 Greenland Road
Suite 601
Jacksonville, FL 32258 
Tel: 904.516.0900
Fax: 904.701.0307

West Virginia 
160 Fayette Street
Suite 104
Morgantown, WV 26505
Tel: 304.241.2976
Fax: 423.218.0284

810 Gleneagles Court
Suite 304
Towson, MD 21286
Tel: 410.583.8081
Fax: 410.821.1608


MSZL&M Attorneys are leaders in the field of insurance defense. Please find information about our attorneys listed below.

Abrams, Richard D. Partner Delaware
Albertson, Hillary L. Attorney Northern Florida
Aroca, Rebecca Associate Southern Florida
Aulakh, Aman S. Associate Maryland
Backenson, James P. Partner New Jersey
Bennett, Daniel P. Partner Delaware
Benton Mintzer, Jenna Associate Eastern Pennsylvania
Berty, Jordan E. Associate Western Pennsylvania
Bogris, George D. Partner Maryland
Bolen, David Partner Central Florida
Brennan, William M. Associate Eastern Pennsylvania
Bucher III, Robert W. Associate Eastern Pennsylvania
Bulnes, Alan Associate Central Florida
Carson, Sandra T. Senior Litigation Counsel Maryland
Cherry, Steven N. Partner Eastern Pennsylvania
Choi, Jacqueline Jung Associate New York City
Cifarelli, Kate M. Associate Long Island
Cohen, David S. Partner Eastern Pennsylvania
Darmody, Thomas G. Partner New York City
Davis, Kevin M. Associate Eastern Pennsylvania
Davis, Tom. Associate Northern Florida
Diamond, Barbara S. Associate Southern Florida
Engle, Susan R. Partner Eastern Pennsylvania
Eves, Brian A. Partner Central Florida
Fabricio, Thomas P. Attorney Southern Florida
Field, Jonathan M. Partner Eastern Pennsylvania
Flemming, Marcel M. Associate Southern Florida
Frucchione, Peter A. Partner New York City
Garcia, Hugo L. Associate Southern Florida
Gash, Richard A. Partner New York City
Goran, John J. Partner Southern Florida
Gulla, Christopher A. Associate New Jersey
Harmon, Kiadii S. Associate Delaware
Harris, Matthew R. Associate New Jersey
Henderson, Regina A. Associate Central Florida
Hockman, Louis Partner Eastern Pennsylvania
Kates, E. Laurence Associate Eastern Pennsylvania
Kelly, Kevin L. Partner New York City
Kelly, Lawrence M. Partner Eastern Pennsylvania
King, Logan M Associate Eastern Pennsylvania
Krasnitsky, Alexander Partner New Jersey
Lacey-Tilson, Myisha Associate Eastern Pennsylvania
Ledva, Stephen Jr. Partner Eastern Pennsylvania
Levien, Bradley J. Partner Long Island
Lipkien, Randy J. Associate Southern Florida
Major, Gabriel Associate Eastern Pennsylvania
Maucher, John Partner New Jersey
McCleary, Sean Associate Southern Florida
McReynolds, Holly L. Associate New Jersey
Mejia, Gina Romanik Partner Southern Florida
Meyers, Addison J. Partner Southern Florida
Mintzer, Jay E. Partner Eastern Pennsylvania
Mones, Steven F. Associate Delaware
Mudry, Melissa M. Associate New Jersey
Murphy, Kimberly A. Partner New Jersey
Murray, Jim Associate Eastern Pennsylvania
O’Donnell, Timothy M. Associate New Jersey
Omundson, Erika Associate New York City
Poursine, Lisa McKellar. Associate Southern Florida
Rohs, Timothy H. Associate Delaware
Sarasua, Nicole M. Associate Southern Florida
Sarowitz, Lawrence S. Partner Eastern Pennsylvania
Saruski, Ana Morel Associate Southern Florida
Shaw, Robert W. III Partner Eastern Pennsylvania
Simpson, Allison C. Associate Central Florida
Sloane, Marc Partner Long Island
Sotland, Jeffrey C. Partner Eastern Pennsylvania
Stevens, Capri R. Associate Eastern Pennsylvania
Strohm, Zachary Associate Eastern Pennsylvania
Strowhouer, Charles J. Associate New Jersey
Tartaglia, Benjamin J. III Partner New Jersey
Van Dyken, John Jacob Senior Litigation Counsel New Jersey
Violago, Erick V. Associate Eastern Pennsylvania
Vokolos, George W. Partner Eastern Pennsylvania
Wehrle, Jason G. Partner Western Pennsylvania
Zeris, James N. Partner Eastern Pennsylvania

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